About TFM

cropped-cropped-401842_4213855564416_142385277_n1.jpgHi, I’m Chantel. 

And now I am also The Feminalist Mom. Why The Feminalist Mom, you ask? Well, because the name combines the subjects of my many passions and interests and brings them all to one place. Here.

Let me break it down for you:

I love empowering women because in so many ways I have empowered my own life in the last several years. I love watching women as they realize another way of doing something other than the way they are patterned to, and as a result they start to blossom into a more authentic version of themselves. I love exposing natural, universal laws and shaking up the status quo. I am a trained doula and a coach for pregnant women and parents. I am all for a gentle, compassionate, holistic, and primitive-like approach when it comes to bringing up our babies and my writing and coaching reflects such. I believe in women’s bodies and their natural ability to birth. I believe all creatures, human and animals alike, have a right to their mother’s milk as the optimal food. I think our periods are awesome.  I believe the feminine has been wounded and is on her way back to her happy place in the world. In that regard, this makes me a feminist. Contrary to some people’s belief, feminism does NOT = anti men. As a matter of fact, I think men are finding their way back with us as friends, lovers, partners, and fathers.

In recent years I’ve learned that much of my happiness has come from doing and having less as opposed to the idea that more is better. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes more can definitely be better. For example, having more good sex and eating more vegetables is probably a good thing. But eliminating from my life so much of what we are “sold” has had a very positive effect. Having less “things” and material possessions, taking less medication, driving less, less TV, less talky (more feeling), less ingredients in my food, less thoughts, less baby gadgets and toys for my son, working jobs I hate less, less shampoo, less formulas and methods, etc. I would say this makes me a minimalist. When it comes to the way I parent, the way I relate to others, the way I take care of my body, and the way I occupy the world around me I try to minimize wherever and however I can to get the maximum in return. Like more time, more freedom, more connection, more health. The things I find valuable.

11150421_10206140952983337_9136557139313555524_nThe last part is pretty simple. I’m a mom. Although I’ve only been a mom for a short time, I have felt like one for much longer and the role came natural to me. At some point in my early adulthood I started questioning societal norms around the way we treat and interact with young people. What I found was that there was a lot of socially acceptable way we respond to children that doesn’t actually have the child’s best interest in mind. My curiosity and motivation to do better drove me to self research child development and psychology. I joined Attachment Parenting International (API) and read the works of people like Jean Liedloff, John Holt, and Janet Lansbury. I believe in the power of raising our children with compassion, understanding, and empowering them with things like personal choices and consent.


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